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Creative Healing Counseling & Wellness Center is a private clinical practice offering mental health and wellness services. Creative Healing was founded in January 2015 by Alyssa Simmonds and Nefertitti Towns-Scott. Alyssa and Nefertitti met while working as school social workers in the same school district. Although they moved on to different jobs, the friendship they established remained. Alyssa and Nefertitti founded Creative Healing as a private practice that specializes in helping children and families navigate the various stages of development and life. With their combined experience of working in schools and outpatient settings, they are able to offer interventions and strategies that take all environments into consideration. Creative Healing was founded on utilizing creative approaches to engaging children and families in therapy. Some of the approaches include incorporating art, music, play, and movement. We believe that as we move towards mental wellness, we can positively impact our individual lives, families, and communities. Healthy mind, healthy you, healthy family. 

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